Nutrition, Diet & Health

A wide variety of nutrition classes are offered by request on topics such as:

Stop the Pop: Reducing Sweetened Beverage Consumption
You will be amazed at just how much sugar is in certain soft drinks during this interactive lesson. Discover the health implications of consuming too many soft drinks and what you can do to make healthier choices.

Identify United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) ChooseMyPlate and the role it plays in the planning and selection of a healthy diet for all ages.
Icon Choose My Plate have a plate with 4 sections, a fork, and a cup
Colors of the Garden - Fruits & Vegetables
This lesson will describe the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables. We encourage everyone to eat many “colors” everyday. More Matters!

Get the Fat Out/Fast Food Fix
This lesson will clarify the role of fats in the diet. The lesson will also discuss the amount of fat in fast foods and how to make healthy choices when eating out.
Heart Healthy Eating
Discover the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle for heart health. We will discuss tips to help you achieve a heart healthy lifestyle.

The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and partner organizations are sponsoring a national campaign called The Heart Truth. The centerpiece of The Heart Truth is the Red Dress which reminds women of the need to protect their heart health, and inspires them to take action.
The Heart Truth Logo with a red dress on it
Portion Distortion
In our “Super-Size, Value Meal” world, it’s often difficult to know how much food we truly need to fuel our bodies and stay healthy. Join us to learn what’s “too much,” “too little” and “just right.” This lesson identifies portion sizes in relation to the Food Guide Pyramid. It explains how increasing portion sizes in the American diet relate to weight gain.

Food Labeling & Nutrition
Make your calories Count! Learn to use the Nutrition Facts Label for healthy weight management.

This lesson will explain the role and identify sources of calcium in the diet. The lesson will also focus on the value of breakfast and offer simple breakfast ideas to sample at home.

Food Safety
BAC Down! Key to Safe Food Handling
Food borne illness can cause more than a stomach ache! Available workshops include ways to help prevent food borne illness in you home and while participating in seasonal and recreational activities. Discussion includes safe food handling, disease prevention, food storage and preparation.

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